Peace .. said just in our dreams

dimanche 22 août 2010


Saying whetever
He just left
leaving people in need
Saying never mind
He just went
Leaving us torn apart
He ... Just left

People are dying for no reason
People are crying along the season
People are suffering for sooth's sake
People are hungry , people are oppressed
People are ... living in need
we'd better say
people are never living

I tried to reach him through prayers
He never heard
I tried to love him because they do
because my mom do love him
But my prayers went in vain
I knew at somepoint that he never listens
to people's cries
He never cares for famine
He made us selfishly not caring
just because he made us
Take a look at "life"
And you'll know with all the problems
and struggles and wars
that he partually made us suffer
from religion wars to prohibition
They's say "Oh He's too good"
And I say if he's that good
he'd never leave children with no shelter
no food or water
they say it's life
I answer I don't want it
All what I need is equality

And I did just like him
went but seeking for a refuge ..

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